User Manual


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Partner Module


A partner in OpenPetra is a contact. It can be a donor, or a recipient of a donation. Or it can be a worker or volunteer. It also can be a field or a project. There are certain partner classes for this. When creating a new partner, you can select which type of partner you want to create.


A family is a special partner, that can be either an individual person or a family. Usually your donors are of partner type “FAMILY”, because you don’t need their date of birth and other personal details. If you want to manage such personal details, you need to create a “PERSON” partner, that belongs to a “FAMILY” partner.


A donor or partner of your organisation can opt in to receive a regular news update or magazine.

Finance Module

General Ledger

A General Ledger contains all financial transactions and accounts for the legal entity of your charity. Sometimes, you might need several General Ledgers, because your organisation has several legal entities, eg. for tax reasons.


Should be called donation instead. There are annual gift receipts printed once a year, but you can specify on the donor’s partner record if a receipt should be printed for each donation.

Accounts Payable, AP

This is where you can post all the bills that your organisation needs to pay.

Getting started

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