Configuration of a fresh ledger


Work in progress: This page is not finished yet…

We assume that the ledger has already been set up as described in Create a ledger.

Specify a Chart of Accounts

In the sidebar menu go to Finance, and select Setup, and then under the caption General Ledger select Manage Chart of Accounts.


Chart of Accounts

You can export the chart of accounts into a text file, by clicking the button Export. You can save the file locally, and edit with a text editor of your choice.

You can insert new accounts, and you can delete or edit accounts that have no posted transactions yet.

Then you can import the file again into the system, just click the button Import.

This is how the example chart of accounts look like in the text file:

    BAL SHT:{active=True, type=Asset, debitcredit=debit, validcc=All, shortdesc=Balance Sheet}
        ASSETS:{shortdesc=Total Assets}
            CASH:{shortdesc=Cash & Bank, longdesc=Bank, locallongdesc=Cash & Bank}
                6000S:{shortdesc=Petty Cash Accounts (Total)}
                    6000:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Petty Cash}
                6200S:{shortdesc=Bank Accounts(Total Operational)}
                    6200:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Bank Accounts Operational, bankaccount=true}
                6400S:{shortdesc=Bank Accounts (Total Deposit)}
                    6400:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Bank Accounts Deposit}
            6500S:{shortdesc=Investments, longdesc=INVESTMENTS, locallongdesc=Investments}
                6500:{validcc=Local, longdesc="Investments, General"}
            DRS:{shortdesc="Debtors:Due within one year"}
                6800S:{shortdesc=Accounts Receivable, longdesc=Accounts Receivable within one year, locallongdesc=Accounts Receivable}
                6900S:{shortdesc=Accounts Receivable Funds, longdesc=Accounts Receivable from other Funds within one year, locallongdesc=Accounts Receivable Funds}
                6700S:{shortdesc=Prepaid Expenses}
                    6700:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Prepaid Expense}
                6600S:{shortdesc=Provision for Dbtful Debts, longdesc=Provision for Dbtful Debts (Total), locallongdesc=Provision for Dbtful Debts}
                    6600:{type=Liability, debitcredit=credit, validcc=Local, shortdesc=Provision for Doubtful Debts}
            DRS LNG:{shortdesc="Debtors:Due in more than 1 year", longdesc="Debtors:Due in more than one year", locallongdesc="Debtors:Due in more than 1 year"}
                7000S:{shortdesc=Long Term Loans Receivable}
                    7000:{validcc=Local, locallongdesc=Long Term Loans Receivable}
                    7010:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Deposits (landlords etc)}
                7100S:{shortdesc=Long Term Loans Receivable Funds, longdesc=Long Term Loans Receivable from other Funds, locallongdesc=Long Term Loans Receivable Funds}
                7200S:{shortdesc=Stock Inventory}
            FA:{shortdesc=Fixed Assets}
                    7300:{validcc=Local, shortdesc="Equipment, General", longdesc=Equipment, locallongdesc="Equipment, General"}
                    7311:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Business Equipment}
                    7312:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Vehicles}
                    7313:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Computer Equipment}
                    7314:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Audio Visual Equipment}
                7400S:{shortdesc=Land & Buildings}
                7500S:{type=Liability, shortdesc="Accum. Depreciation: Equipment"}
                    7500:{debitcredit=credit, validcc=Local, shortdesc=Accumulated Depreciation Equip}
                7600S:{shortdesc="Accum. Depr.:  Land & Buildings", longdesc="Accum. Depreciation:  Land & Buildings", locallongdesc="Accum. Depr.:  Land & Buildings"}
                    7600:{type=Liability, debitcredit=credit, validcc=Local, shortdesc=Land and Buildings}
        LIABS:{type=Liability, debitcredit=credit, shortdesc=Total Liabilities}
            8200S:{shortdesc=Suspense Accounts, longdesc=Suspense Accounts (Total), locallongdesc=Suspense Accounts}
                8200:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=Suspense Account}
            ILT:{shortdesc=Inter Ledger Transfer Total}
            CRS:{shortdesc="Creditors:Due within one year"}
                CRS CTRL:{shortdesc=Creditor's Control}
                8500S:{validcc=Local, shortdesc=International Clearing House}
                    8500X:{shortdesc=Non-ICH Clearing}
                9100S:{shortdesc=Accounts Payable, longdesc=Accounts Payable within one year, locallongdesc=Accounts Payable}
                9200S:{shortdesc=Accounts Payable Funds, longdesc=Accounts Payable to other Funds within one year, locallongdesc=Accounts Payable Funds}
                8100S:{shortdesc=Stewardship Clearing}
            CRS LNG:{shortdesc="Creditors:Due in more than 1 year", longdesc="Creditors:Due in more than one year", locallongdesc="Creditors:Due in more than 1 year"}
                9300S:{shortdesc=Long Term Loans Payable}
                    9300:{validcc=Local, locallongdesc=Long Term Loans Payable}
                9400S:{shortdesc=Long Term Loans Payable Funds, longdesc=Long Term Loans Payable to other Funds, locallongdesc=Long Term Loans Payable Funds}
                    9500:{validcc=Local, locallongdesc=Provisions}
            9000S:{shortdesc=Deferred income, longdesc=Deferred Income(Total), locallongdesc=Deferred Income (Total)}
                9000:{validcc=Local, longdesc=Defrerred Income, locallongdesc=Deferred Income}
            9800S:{shortdesc=Internal Transfer}
        RET EARN:{type=Equity, debitcredit=credit, shortdesc=Equity}
            9700S:{shortdesc=Brought Forward 1st January, longdesc=Balance Brought Forward 1st January, locallongdesc=Brought Forward 1st January}
            PL:{type=Income, shortdesc=Surplus or Deficit}
                INC:{shortdesc=Total Income}
                    GIFT:{shortdesc=Gift Income}
                        0100S:{shortdesc="Support Gifts: local"}
                            0100:{shortdesc="Support Gifts: Local"}
                        0200S:{shortdesc="Fund Gifts: Local"}
                            0210:{shortdesc=Subscriptions and Fees}
                        0300S:{shortdesc=Undesignated Gifts}
                        1100S:{shortdesc="Support Gifts: Foreign"}
                            1100:{shortdesc="Support Gifts, Foreign", longdesc="Support Gifts: Foreign (ie via other funds)", localdesc="Support Gifts: Foreign", locallongdesc="Support Gifts: Foreign"}
                        1200S:{shortdesc="Fund Gifts: Foreign"}
                        0400S:{shortdesc="Project Gifts: Local", longdesc="Project Gifts: Local (Total)", locallongdesc="Project Gifts: Local"}
                        1900S:{shortdesc="Foreign Income: Unidentified"}
                        1400S:{shortdesc="Project Gifts: Foreign", longdesc="Project Gifts: Foreign (Total)", locallongdesc="Project Gifts: Foreign"}
                    LIT SALE:{shortdesc=Literature Sales, longdesc=Total Literature Sales, locallongdesc=Literature Sales}
                        2100S:{shortdesc=Literature Sales external}
                            2100:{locallongdesc=Literature Sales external}
                        2200S:{shortdesc=Literature Sales internal, longdesc=Literature Sales internal (Total), locallongdesc=Literature Sales internal}
                    STC INC:{shortdesc=Short Term Event Income}
                        0900S:{shortdesc=Event Income for Others}
                            0910S:{shortdesc=Event Supplements for Others, longdesc=Event Supplements for Others (Total), locallongdesc=Event Supplements for Others}
                            0980S:{shortdesc=Event Supplements, longdesc=Event Supplements (Total), locallongdesc=Event Supplements}
                        1000S:{shortdesc=Local Event Income, longdesc=Local Event Income (Total), locallongdesc=Local Event Income}
                            1010S:{shortdesc=Local Event Supplements, longdesc=Local Event Supplements (Total), locallongdesc=Local Event Supplements}
                    OTHINC:{shortdesc=Other Income}
                        3100S:{shortdesc=Interest, longdesc=Interest (Total), locallongdesc=Interest}
                            3100:{shortdesc=Interest Earned}
                        3200S:{shortdesc=Central Services, longdesc=Central Services (Total), locallongdesc=Central Services}
                        3300S:{shortdesc=Grants from Other Funds, longdesc=Grants from Other Funds (Total), locallongdesc=Grants from Other Funds}
                        3400S:{shortdesc=Admin Grant Income, longdesc=Admin Grant Income (Total), locallongdesc=Admin Grant Income}
                        3700S:{longdesc=Other Income (Total), locallongdesc=Other Income}
                            3710:{shortdesc=Registration Fees}
                            3720:{shortdesc=Sale of Fixed Assets}
                            3730:{shortdesc=Gifts in Kind}
                            3740:{shortdesc=Other Sales}
                EXP:{type=Expense, debitcredit=debit, shortdesc=Total Expenditure}
                    4600S:{shortdesc=Cost of Sales}
                        4600:{shortdesc="Cost of Sales, General", longdesc=Cost of Sales, locallongdesc="Cost of Sales, General"}
                    4100S:{shortdesc=Ministry, longdesc=Ministry (Total), locallongdesc=Ministry}
                        4100:{shortdesc="Ministry: General", longdesc=Ministry, locallongdesc="Ministry: General"}
                        4110S:{shortdesc=Literature, longdesc=Literature (Total), locallongdesc=Literature}
                            4110:{shortdesc="Literature: General", longdesc=Literature, locallongdesc="Literature: General"}
                            4111:{shortdesc=Literature For Sale}
                            4112:{shortdesc=Literature for free Distribution}
                            4113:{shortdesc=Freight Inward (lit.)}
                            4114:{shortdesc=Carriage Out (lit.)}
                        4120S:{shortdesc=Relief of Need, longdesc=Relief of Need (Total), locallongdesc=Relief of Need}
                        4130S:{shortdesc=Project Expenses, longdesc=Project Expenses (Total), locallongdesc=Project Expenses}
                        4140S:{shortdesc=AV (for outreach), longdesc=AV (for outreach) (Total), locallongdesc=AV (for outreach)}
                        4180S:{shortdesc=Home Event Expenses, longdesc=Home Event Expenses (Total), locallongdesc=Home Event Expenses}
                    4200S:{shortdesc=Administration, longdesc=Administration (Total), locallongdesc=Administration}
                        4200:{shortdesc="Administration: General", longdesc=Administration, locallongdesc="Administration: General"}
                        4202:{shortdesc=Business Hospitality/Meals}
                        4203:{shortdesc=Subscriptions (Payable), longdesc=Subscriptions, localdesc=Subscriptions Payable, locallongdesc=Subscriptions Payable}
                        4210S:{shortdesc=Office Rent & Utilities, longdesc=Office Rent & Utilities (Total), locallongdesc=Office Rent & Utilities}
                            4210:{shortdesc="Office Rent & Utilities, General", longdesc=Office Rent & Utilities, locallongdesc="Office Rent & Utilities, General"}
                            4214:{shortdesc=Heating Oil}
                            4215:{shortdesc=Water & Sewage}
                        4220S:{shortdesc=Communication, longdesc=Communication (Total), locallongdesc=Communication}
                            4220:{shortdesc="Communication, General", longdesc=COMMUNICATION, locallongdesc="Communication, General"}
                            4225:{shortdesc=Prayer Letter postage}
                        4230S:{shortdesc=Office Supplies, longdesc=Office Supplies (Total), locallongdesc=Office Supplies}
                            4230:{shortdesc="Office Supplies, General", longdesc=OFFICE SUPPLIES, locallongdesc="Office Supplies, General"}
                            4232:{shortdesc=Computer Expense}
                            4233:{shortdesc=Printer/copier supplies}
                        4240S:{shortdesc="Equipment, Maint. & Repairs", longdesc="Equipment, Maintenance & Repairs (Total)", locallongdesc="Equipment, Maint. & Repairs"}
                            4240:{shortdesc="Equip. Maint. & Repairs, General", longdesc=EQUIP/MAINT & REPAIRS, locallongdesc="Equip. Maint. & Repairs, General"}
                            4241:{shortdesc=Service Contracts}
                            4242:{shortdesc=Equipment Leasing}
                        4250S:{shortdesc=Building Repairs & Maint., longdesc=Building Repairs & Maintenance (Total), locallongdesc=Building Repairs & Maint.}
                            4250:{shortdesc=Building Repairs & Maint, longdesc=BUILDING REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE, locallongdesc=Building Repairs & Maint}
                        4260S:{shortdesc=Professional Fees, longdesc=Professional Fees (Total), locallongdesc=Professional Fees}
                            4260:{shortdesc="Professional Fees, General", longdesc=PROFESSIONAL FEES, locallongdesc="Professional Fees, General"}
                            4261:{shortdesc=Legal Fees}
                            4263:{shortdesc=Audit Fees}
                        4280S:{shortdesc=Home Event Admin., longdesc=Home Event Administration (Total), locallongdesc=Home Event Admin.}
                            4280:{longdesc=HOME Event ADMIN.}
                    4300S:{shortdesc=Personnel, longdesc=PERSONNEL, locallongdesc=Personnel}
                        4300:{shortdesc="Personnel, General"}
                        4310S:{shortdesc=Salaries/Allow. & Payroll Taxes, longdesc=Salaries/Allowances & Payroll Taxes (Total), locallongdesc=Salaries/Allow. & Payroll Taxes}
                        4330S:{shortdesc=Pension/Insurance, longdesc=Pension/Insurance (Total), locallongdesc=Pension/Insurance}
                            4330:{shortdesc="Pension/Insurance, General", longdesc=PENSION/INSURANCE, locallongdesc="Pension/Insurance, General"}
                        4340S:{shortdesc=Housing, longdesc=Housing (Total), locallongdesc=Housing}
                        4350S:{shortdesc=Team Living, longdesc=Team Living (Total), locallongdesc=Team Living}
                            4350:{longdesc=TEAM LIVING}
                        4360S:{shortdesc=Personal Travel, longdesc=Personal Travel (Total), locallongdesc=Personal Travel}
                            4360:{longdesc=PERSONAL TRAVEL}
                        4370S:{shortdesc=Medical Expenses, longdesc=Medical Expenses (Total), locallongdesc=Medical Expenses}
                            4370:{longdesc=MEDICAL EXPENSES}
                        4380S:{shortdesc=Home Event Personnel, longdesc=Home Event Personnel (Total), locallongdesc=Home Event Personnel}
                            4380:{longdesc=HOME Event PERSONNEL}
                        4390S:{shortdesc=Further Education/Training, longdesc=Further Education/Training (Total), locallongdesc=Further Education/Training}
                            4390:{longdesc=FURTHER EDUCATION/TRAINING}
                    4400S:{shortdesc=Business Travel, longdesc=BUSINESS TRAVEL, locallongdesc=Business Travel}
                        4400:{shortdesc="Business Travel, General", longdesc=Business Travel, locallongdesc="Business Travel, General"}
                        4410S:{shortdesc=Public Transport, longdesc=Public Transport (Total), locallongdesc=Public Transport}
                            4410:{longdesc=PUBLIC TRANSPORT}
                        4420S:{shortdesc=Vehicle, longdesc=Vehicle (Total), locallongdesc=Vehicle}
                            4420:{shortdesc="Vehicle, General", longdesc=VEHICLE, locallongdesc="Vehicle, General"}
                            4421:{shortdesc=Vehicle Maintenance}
                            4422:{shortdesc=Vehicle Insurance/Tax, longdesc=Vehicle, locallongdesc=Vehicle Insurance/Tax}
                            4423:{shortdesc=Vehicle Fuel}
                        4430S:{shortdesc=Air, longdesc=Air (Total), locallongdesc=Air}
                        4480S:{shortdesc=Home Event Travel, longdesc=Home Event Travel (Total), locallongdesc=Home Event Travel}
                            4480:{longdesc=HOME Event TRAVEL}
                    4500S:{shortdesc=Public Relations, longdesc=PUBLIC RELATIONS, locallongdesc=Public Relations}
                        4500:{shortdesc="Public Relations, General", longdesc=Public Relations, locallongdesc="Public Relations, General"}
                        4510S:{shortdesc=Advertising, longdesc=Advertising (Total), locallongdesc=Advertising}
                        4520S:{shortdesc=Newsletters, longdesc=Newsletters (Total), locallongdesc=Newsletters}
                        4530S:{shortdesc=Brochures, longdesc=Brochures (Total), locallongdesc=Brochures}
                        4550S:{shortdesc=AV Productions, longdesc=AV Productions (Total), locallongdesc=AV Productions}
                            4550:{shortdesc="AV Productions, General", longdesc=AV PRODUCTIONS, locallongdesc="AV Productions, General"}
                            4552:{shortdesc=Slide Presentations}
                    OTHEXP:{shortdesc=Other Expenditure}
                        4800S:{shortdesc=Grants to Other Funds, longdesc=Grants to Other Funds (Total), locallongdesc=Grants to Other Funds}
                        4900S:{shortdesc=Admin Grant Expense, longdesc=Admin Grant Expense (Total), locallongdesc=Admin Grant Expense}
                        5000S:{shortdesc=Financial  and Other, longdesc=Financial  and Other (Total), locallongdesc=Financial  and Other}
                            5000:{shortdesc="Financial and Other, General", longdesc=Financial and Other, locallongdesc="Financial and Other, General"}
                            5003:{shortdesc=Currency Revaluation}
                            5010S:{shortdesc=Equipment Acquired, longdesc=Equipment Acquired (Total), locallongdesc=Equipment Acquired}
                                5010:{shortdesc="Equipment Acquired, General", longdesc=EQUIPMENT ACQUIRED, locallongdesc="Equipment Acquired, General"}
                                5011:{shortdesc=Business Equipment, locallongdesc=Business Equi[ment}
                                5013:{shortdesc=Computer Equipment, longdesc=Computer Exuipment, locallongdesc=Computer Equipment}
                                5014:{shortdesc=Audio Visial Equipment}
                            5020S:{shortdesc=Depreciation, longdesc=Depreciation (Total), locallongdesc=Depreciation}
                            5030S:{shortdesc=Interest & Bank Charges, longdesc=Interest & Bank Charges (Total), locallongdesc=Interest & Bank Charges}
                                5030:{longdesc=INTEREST & BANK CHARGES}
                            5040S:{shortdesc=Bad and Doubtful Debts, longdesc=Bad and Doubtful Debts (Total), locallongdesc=Bad and Doubtful Debts}
                                5040:{shortdesc="Bad and Doubtful Debts, General", longdesc=Bad and Doubtful Debts, locallongdesc="Bad and Doubtful Debts, General"}
                                5041:{shortdesc=Bad Debts}
                                5042:{shortdesc=Doubtful Debts}
                            5050S:{shortdesc=Prior Year Adjustments, longdesc=Prior Year Adjustments (Total), locallongdesc=Prior Year Adjustments}
                                5050:{longdesc=PRIOR YEAR ADJUSTMENTS}
                        5100S:{shortdesc=Conference Expenses}
                        5200S:{shortdesc=Event Fees to Other Funds}
                        5400S:{shortdesc="Foreign Expenses: Unidentified"}
                        5500S:{shortdesc=Recharges to Other Funds, longdesc=Recharges to Other Funds (Total), locallongdesc=Recharges to Other Funds}
                            5501:{shortdesc=Direct Transfers, longdesc=DIRECT TRANSFERS, locallongdesc=Direct Transfers}
                        5600S:{shortdesc=ICH Settlement, longdesc=ICH Settlement (Total), locallongdesc=ICH Settlement}
                            5600:{shortdesc=ICH Settlement Transfers}

Configure the Cost Centres

In the sidebar menu go to Finance, select Setup, and then below the caption General Ledger select Maintain the Cost Centres.


Cost Centres

You can export the cost centres into a text file, by clicking the button Export. You can save the file locally, and edit with a text editor of your choice.

You can insert new cost centres, and you can delete or edit cost centres that have no posted transactions yet.

Then you can import the file again into the system, just click the button Import.

This is how the initial cost centres look like in the text file:

    [10]:{descr=[My Charity], active=True, type=Local}
        1000S:{descr=My Charity}
            1000:{descr="My Charity, General"}
        ILT:{descr=Inter Ledger Transfer Total}

Configure Motivations

Motivations are required so that donations can be easily assigned to an account and cost centre, by using an easy to remember code.

For example you can configure a motivation DONATION/SPONSORSHIP for donations that should always be posted to cost centre 101000 Sponsorship and to account 0100 Sponsorship.

In this example, DONATION is the motivation group, and SPONSORSHIP is the motivation detail.

In the sidebar menu go to Finance, and select Setup, and then below the caption Donations select Maintain Motivation groups and details.


Maintain motivations

Motivations are organised in groups. In this example, the group is called GIFT. You can delete the group, by clicking the wrench symbol.

Then you see this dialog:


Edit motivation group

To delete this group and all its details, click the red button with the label Delete.

You can now create a new group with the name DONATION, by clicking the button with the label Add.

In order to add motivation details, first click on the group, and this will show the detail view. Inside that view, there is another Add button, with the purpose to create motivation details.

The dialog for adding a motivation detail looks like this:


Add motivation detail

Post the start balance

If you want to do the book keeping of an existing charity with OpenPetra, you will need to make sure that your accounts have the right start balances.

To achieve this, go in the sidebar menu to Finance, select General Ledger, and then select Maintain GL Batches and Transactions.


Empty list of GL batches

At the beginning, the list of GL batches is still empty.

But now you click the button Add, and create a new GL batch:


Create a new GL batch

The batch number is predefined, it cannot be changed, and it is consecutive.

You can define the name and the date of the GL batch. The date must be within an open period.

You click the button Save to create the GL batch. Now you click the name of the GL batch to get to a view with the transactions inside the selected GL batch.

This looks like this:


New GL batch but still without transactions

OpenPetra uses double entry bookkeeping, which means that for each transaction there must be at least one opposite transation. Overall the debit and credit transactions must balance each other.

Click now the button labelled Add within the GL batch to create a transaction.

Now you can create a transaction which will set the balance for one of the bank accounts of your charity. In our example we have 31088.99 Euro on our bank account. We must create a debit transaction towards the bank account, because bank accounts are debit accounts.


New debit transaction

Now we must create an opposite transaction. There is account 9700 with the name “Brought Forward 1st January”, which carries balances forward from the previous year. This is where we will post the credit amount.

Of course you can distribute the balance also to other accounts, eg. if you want to carry forward balances on individual accounts.


New credit transaction

Now you can click the button Test batch post in the view of the transactions of the new GL batch. This will show a message that tells how the balances of the accounts affected will look like if you would post the batch. This is quite useful especially for people not so comfortable with debit and credit…

It looks like this in our example:


Test the GL batch and the balances of the affected accounts

The result is that we have 31088.99 Euro on the bank account, and 31088.99 Euro on the carry forward account.

Now you can post the GL batch for real, by clicking the button with the label Post batch.

This will post the GL batch and its transactions, and finalize them so that they cannot be changed anymore. If you later realize something was wrong, you need to fix it by a new GL batch with adjusting transactions.