Completely reset the database


Work in progress: This page is not finished yet…

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It happens especially in the beginning, when you are trying things and learning a lot, that you want to begin at the very start again, to configure OpenPetra the way you want it.

To achieve this, you first need to download the clean database: Go to the URL and click the “Download” Button in order to save the file locally.

The you sign in with your SYSADMIN user, and in the sidebar menu you go to System Management, and select Database.

Then you click the red button with the label Restore all data from backup.

A dialog will open. Here you select the file, that you just have downloaded.

Then you logout, and then sign in again, with the user SYSADMIN and the password CHANGEME.

You should immediately change the password: In the menu in the top bar, select Settings / Change Password.

Now you again follow the instructions at Create a non-administrative user